Propellant CG Online Direct Marketing Consulting
Rich web media strategy, buying and development

Web media has become an incredibly rich medium with stunning capabilities. Yet, the most engaging campaign runs the risk of being completely ignored when presented in the wrong context.

For any given campaign, their may be hundreds of publishers to chose from. A deep understanding our client offering and positioning, coupled with years of expertise in online media and consumer behavior, allows us to identify core partners in which to build a successful campaign around. Further refinement through the use of the latest tools and cutting edge targeting methods ensures campaign efficiency and maximum reach.

The art of the deal is not lost at Propellant. We don’t buy web media, we buy smart media. Utilizing our combination of industry knowledge, carefully cultivated relationships and overall negotiation tenacity, we ensure our clients that they are getting the most efficient program money can buy.

Great creative can be a simple static banner, or it can be an integrated roll-over activated product highlight video. We believe audience and the message dictate the medium. Persuasive web campaigns are our hallmark, and our creative development resources ensure this reputation is well founded.

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Propellant CG Online Direct Marketing Consulting